Growing Pains Eventually Give Way

Don’t be so anxious to grow up, little Ms. Tanacetum parthenium. I remember those days well – I was so d.o.n.e. with school I quit in February of my senior year. Looking back though, I am pretty certain there were other things going on in my life that influenced my choice to leave. Like the crushing blow of my sister’s death, my family coming apart at the seams, the unyielding responsibility of caring for my eight younger siblings, all the abuse stuff finally coming out. High school was just…well, it was just too much and not enough, all at the same time if that makes any sense at all.

When I look back at those years, it seems like they all passed before me as if it were dream. It has just been in the past few years that I am finally waking up to the bittersweet goodness that is my life now.

Hang in there, Ms. Feverfew. This too shall pass. It will be over in the blink of an eye, I promise you.

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