Apple Didn’t Fall Far

Is it bad that I’d rather read than socialize? (10:32 AM Dec 9th)

Absolutely not. Especially since you are related to me.  And your grandmother.  I wouldn’t expect any less of you to be honest. Books are some of my best and dearest of friends and I suspect your grandmother would say the exact same thing.  When I married Mr. Amazing  Man, I told him there were two things I would simply never not have in my budget – money for books and money for fresh flowers.  Books feed the mind and flowers feed the soul.

(OK – there were actually three things: Books, fresh flowers, and professional hair care products.  I tend to be a wee bit vain about my hair – a vice I will readily admit to. All other budgetary items were negotiable.)

But back to the matter at hand – I wonder if you have a stack of books next to your bed like I do mine.  I always have four or five that I am reading at once – a classic, a biography, a book about education/learning/psychology, one about science of some sort or another, and something “fluffy” (but rarely popular).  I almost always have a book in my purse, under my pillow, and in the car.  I would rather curl up in bed in the evening with a familiar, dog-eared favorite book than spend it out “hanging out” with friends. I was never good at “hanging out” and at 37, haven’t quite cultivated that skill yet.  But give me a good book and I am in heaven.

I collect books like some women collect shoes.


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