Are you serious?

Ohmystinkinheck.  No really – ohmystinkinheck. Not only do we look like each other, a carbon copy down to the side you part your hair on, your inky-dark eyes, your audacious cheekbones,  the curve of your smile, but you are the exact same height I am. And to be honest, I am thrilled about this new bit of knowledge.

I don’t know why I am constantly surprised that we share so many physical similarities, but I am.  I have always wondered if you inherited the short gene (most of my sisters are between 5’4″ and 5’7″) or the tall one, like me. Now I know.  Now I know. Ohmystinkinheck – NOW I KNOW!!!!!  Should we ever meet, it is going to be strange and miraculous to look into a face that is so much like my own. Even with 11 siblings, I don’t have that in my own family.  There are some that sort of look like me (or I look like them), but nothing like you and I.


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