Grace Shall Be

As you are already aware, I sent you a message directly on your FB account a few days ago.  I think it is a good sign that you haven’t (a) disabled the account entirely and (b) are still logging on.

Sending you that message has brought me a measure of release, a measure of healing. At least now you know – you have direct, personal knowledge – of where I am and how to find me when you are ready. Strangely, I thought I would be more anxious about getting a response from you, but I am not. Instead of fretting, there is calmness. Instead of angst, there is stillness in my soul, like the quiet solitude of an early autumn sunrise – crisp, clear, and clean.

I inhale. All is well. I exhale. All is well. I close my eyes and let the sweetness of the September sun warm my cheeks. All is well.

I do not know how long I will wait until I hear from you, if I ever do. What I do know is that all is well.

At least for this moment.

Much love,


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