How to Divide the Pie: The Professor’s New Reality

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

I am one of those kinds of mothers who feeds her family pie for breakfast, especially when we are leaving for a short vacation and there is homemade pumpkin pie leftover from dinner last night needing to be eaten. (In my defense, we all had scrambled eggs before eating the pie).

Mr. Amazing Man put the pie on the table and the Professor scrutinized it carefully. “Mom, it’s perfect. There is just enough for all of our family.”

“Of course” I said, “There’s always enough pie for us.”

“No, Mom, that’s not what I mean. Look. There are six pieces of pie. That’s how many are in our family.”

Being a practically minded person I was only thinking of how many people would be eating the pie (me, hubby, and the two boys) and I said, “But that’s two pieces too many!”

“No,”That’s not too many.” Holding up his hands, he counted on his fingers as he named us all, “There’s Dad, you, brother, me, my little sister, and my big sister. Six people in my family.”

Captain Knuckle started to correct him by saying that the girls won’t be having pie. I hushed him quickly and told him it was all right. Then I choked back salty tears and dished out the pie realizing that just like his older brother, this sweet 6-year old counts you as family – his tuafafine.

I haven’t talked to him much about you since the chicken incident a week or two ago but clearly, he has been thinking about the fact he has an older sister out there. And he is very concerned that you get your piece of the homemade pumpkin pie.



5 thoughts on “How to Divide the Pie: The Professor’s New Reality

  1. Just came across your blog (found it over by Mei Ling).

    And it was a bad idea…I have an 8AM class tomorrow, and right now its past 11 in Italy (where I live). I will have a hard time getting up tomorrow..but your blog was too beautiful to stop reading.

    You have quite a talent for writing and I really enjoyed reading what you had to say. The LDS perspective is really fascinating( I’ll have to read more on it) but there is something about the balance of compassion and honesty in your words that really affects me. I’m glad I found you this evening!

    • Kara – He really is the sweetest thing, as is my oldest son. I feel so fortunate to be shepherd them on this journey called Life.

      About being a “wonderful mom” – I struggle with that daily. How could I not? The fact that I let people convince me my first daughter deserved a better parent than me really does a number on a mother’s self-esteem. I feel pretty darn accomplished in every other area of my life, but mothering…I feel like I will never measure up. I just try to be honest with my kids and love them like crazy. What else can I do?


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