National Adoption Awareness Month ~ Day 27: Me & the Professor…er, the Professor and I?

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

If I had my druthers, I would put my Christmas tree up in mid-October. As it is, I have to restrain myself in order to accommodate Mr. Bah-Hum-Bug-the-tree-should-not-be-put-up-until-December 1st,  AKA Mr. Amazing Man. (He really isn’t a grinch, we just differ on when to put up the tree and when it is appropriate to start playing Christmas music. He seems to think that July is not appropriate.)

My older son is of the same mindset. He will sit there on the couch with Mr. Amazing Man and roll his eyes (ever so lovingly) at me when I bust out the stockings and “Cookies for Santa” plate.  In past years, I have indulged their ill-humor and waited until the 1st of December but this year….

This year my tree was up by November 20. Ha! Victory.

And this year, I have had a partner in my Christmas criminality – the Professor. Turns out he adores Christmas as much as I do. The music, the lights, the decorations on the tree, the yummy baked goods, the Santa letters, the 30 nights of Christmas movies: we delight in these things equally.  He simply cannot understand why other people in the neighborhood don’t already have all their decorations up. (Me either son, me either!)

And so I wonder…are you more like Captain Knuckle who likes Christmas but approaches it with a more restrained pleasure, or are you like the Professor and myself, reveling in the season’s delights?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “National Adoption Awareness Month ~ Day 27: Me & the Professor…er, the Professor and I?

    • Not nearly as much as the Professor and I love it!!! I mean, my husband and older son truly enjoy the holiday season, they just think the tree shouldn’t go up until at least Dec 1st or preferably the first weekend in December.

      I think my enthusiasm might be catching on though – last night, Mr. Amazing Man cranked up the Christmas tunes as he helped me shove furniture around. Well, he did all the shoving, I just supervised.


      • “Not nearly as much as the Professor and I love it!!!”

        Oh, I could rival ya there. We also debate when to start, and it seems to backdate every year. The big issue for us is when to start watching the Christmas movies. Today we watched “A Year Without Santa Claus” and it’s officially Nov. still. However . . . we loved it.

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