Thank God for People Like “Harriet”

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

It isn’t often that someone who is neither an adoptee, first parent, nor an adoptive parent “gets it” about adoption, but sometimes they do. Here’s someone who does:

Every adoption that occurs is a black mark on the humanity of the rest of us, because every adoption represents parents who were unable to acquire the assistance, resources, or community necessary to raise their children or plan their families. ~ “Harriet” who writes at

If you have tender ears, please be advised about the language content on her blog – she’s real, she’s raw, and she uses language that you aren’t going to hear in a Relief Society lesson. Be forewarned but also know that what she has to say is terribly important.

Take the time to go read that blog post. You will be glad you did.

Much love,


P.S. THANK YOU Ask an Adoptee over at Facebook for pointing me to this important and provocative blog post!

6 thoughts on “Thank God for People Like “Harriet”

  1. I especially like this:

    “And no matter how many times adoptive parents are told what to expect, they still believe that they will be the one family in all the billions of families that won’t have to deal with that shit. They will be smarter. They will love harder. They have discovered the secret that all the people before them did not, and that secret is being them which means they’re just naturally special.”

    • Yes, that quote jumped out at me as well.

      I really appreciate how Harriet captured the struggles that many adoptive parents face – they aren’t told the truth about adoption and the fallout it can cause any more than first mothers are told it. It’s like there is a multi-billion dollar industry that colludes to keep us all ignorant and in the dark about the Truth.

      Wait…there IS an industry doing that. How silly of me.

    • Cate – She writes some crazy powerful stuff over there!!! Thanks for directing me to her blog. Like I said, not easy reading for some delicate eared folks, but wowsers, powerful.

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