Breaking Up With Glenn Beck

Many months ago, I accepted the challenge to write “30 Days of Truth” over on my other blog. I have been getting around to it in my own way, in my own time, much like I do many other things in life. I have been ruminating on day 14 ( a letter to a hero who has let you down) for some time. I actually could not think of anyone because I simply don’t do hero-worship.

Then I found out that Glenn Beck’s son is adopted. I don’t know what rock I have been living under but apparently, he and his wife decided back in 2004 that they were tired of trying to make a baby and so they decided to adopt one instead. And TA-DA! one magically appeared within a matter of weeks. Apparently because they fasted and prayed for “their” child. Guess they are more righteous than others, eh?

At any rate, following is my letter I wrote and will be posting over on my other blog.

It isn’t that Glenn Beck is my “hero” by any stretch of the imagination, but this new-found knowledge of mine has really thrown me for a loop. I guess I had felt some sort of kinship with him, seeing as how he is a libertarian Mormon, like I am.

Turns out he is just like the rest of the religious right on this issue.



Dear Glenn Beck:

I hate to say this, but we have to break up. I can’t be your friend anymore. I almost feel like I should print out this photo of us and burn it. I won’t go so far as to do that, but maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan have you let me down.   

I don’t know why I thought so much of you. Maybe it’s because I was raised by the woman who literally wrote the book on addiction recovery in the LDS church. This means I am fluent in 12-step speak and so all that 12-step rhetoric you use on your show reminds me of home. Maybe it’s because your “let it all hang out, ne’er do care” self-depreciating humor reminds me of my favorite brothers. Who knows – what I do know is that there were times you made me laugh and times you made me think more carefully, even if I didn’t agree with your rhetoric or methods. And thinking more carefully about difficult topics is always a good thing.

In fact, your admonishment to search for Truth and to question with boldness is what led me to where I am today. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know a lot of people think you are a yokel and that your are completely off your rocker, but I loved you like a brother – like a brother, man! While I didn’t always agree with your antics and political ideas, some of them resonated with the (little L) libertarian  in me. And just for the record, I was a libertarian long before you showed up.

But I guess I would consider myself a compassionate libertarian if there is such a thing. I believe in the sanctity of life AND in protecting the mother/infant relationship. I do not believe that the only two choices for single expectant parents are (a) abortion or (b) adoption. That is a false dichotomy. I believe that parenting is a viable and noble choice as well but as a culture we do precious little to encourage responsible parenting. I believe the role of caring for single expectant parents falls squarely on the shoulders of the churches, not the government. And NOT in the “let me have your baby so some other more worthy couple can raise her, you undeserving crack whore”  kind of way that churches “take care” of single expectant parents today. 

We, as professing Christians and religious persons, should be the most compassionate and the most loving and the most supportive of women who have been used and discarded by men, who are left in the most vulnerable human state of being pregnant and alone. We should be their champions and their protectors and do everything within our ability to help that fragile yet critical mother-infant dyad survive and thrive. Certainly, if family preservation was good enough for the only begotten son of the Father in the flesh, then it is good enough for the rest of us.

But as you know, we don’t. As Christians, we urge women to surrender their babies to more wealthy, more qualified, usually more white people. All in the name of love, of course. We use campaigns funded by a multi-billion dollar industry that specializes in human trafficking to convince young women that they are not enough and will never be enough for their children. We strip them of their motherhood and bestow it on rich, infertile, white people.

Like you.


We have all been snookered by the progressive social workers of the world and have inherited their lies and vile legacy, a la Georgia Tann. These lies are riveted on the hearts of our children and have become such a part of our social psyche that none dare question them. Even the social workers today still buy into those lies – the lies that babies are better off being raised by wealthy older people than by their young mothers. 

Oh the irony of it all – I bet you don’t even realize that you have been taken in by those progressive lies too, that you literally bought into a system that is as progressive as they come. 

I can’t believe this, but I stayed up until almost one o’clock last night crying over this issue. Not about you per se,  but about the abuses and continued coercion (which is as subtle, crafty, and manipulative as LDSFS and the NCFA can make it) that have happened under the guise of “helping” single expectant parents and their children. Whatever. It’s about helping people just like you to their children.

As a self-proclaimed student of history, I bet you didn’t do your homework about the history of the adoption system here in the United States and the abuses and horrors that many first mothers have faced since the 1940’s when progressive social workers decided they knew better than the churches. All you knew was you wanted a son and nothing else mattered

For someone who is building an empire around the phrase, “The Truth Lives Here,” I guess it doesn’t extend to your own family. I can practically guarantee that your son’s original birth records are sealed away so freakin’ tight they are NEVER going to see the light of day.  He’s yours forever and ever and ever now, signed, sealed, and delivered, amen, so why does his true identify matter? Right?

You sir, are living a lie.

By not using your tremendous political and social clout  to repeal the onerous laws that continue to perpetuate the myth of your son’s origins, you enable that lie to continue. But heck, you adore Governor Christie, so it would not surprise me if you called him yourself and urged him to gut that original birth records access bill.

So Glenn, I have to quit you. I know I shouldn’t be surprised that when a powerful, rich, white couple like you and Tania decides to adopt, within weeks some young mother is found to be carrying “your” baby.

It shouldn’t surprise me that within record time, a healthy white womb-fresh male baby is placed directly into your arms.  Before he even has a chance to be held by his mother, the woman whose breast his lips searched for, whose voice caused billions of synapses in his brain to light up like the 4th of July, whose smell calmed his heart beat and lowered his blood pressure. 

You did not afford her the dignity of allowing her to be the one who held that precious child first. Instead, still wet with his mother’s blood and amniotic fluid, he was handed off like the latest prize acquired by LDSFS to the arms of your wife.

Shame on the both of you.

Like I said before, you don’t even realize it but you were just taken in by the progressive movement you profess to hate so much.

Not so respectfully,


P.S. Could you stop calling his first mother a “superhero”? What she did was not heroic – it was an act of desperation, born in the hour of a mother’s greatest need.  The adoption system, set up by the progressives you hate so much, groomed her to feel inadequate, less than, not good enough.  When she lay in that hospital bed sobbing that she could not give up her baby, you fretted over her signing the documents. The case worker sent you away from the hospital, and then she and the nurse convinced her to do it. You should be ashamed of yourself. At that point, you should have done everything you could to help keep that mother and baby together. Instead, you took what you and your wife wanted and gleefully went along your merry way.  Well done, sir, well done.  You should be ashamed of yourself.

7 thoughts on “Breaking Up With Glenn Beck

    • I have thought about it but I would be just one more buzzing gnat in his pile of 5000 emails that he gets every day.

      And what good would it do? Adoptive parents rarely want to think about the damage that adoption leaves behind in the lives of first families or the damage it causes their child. It is HARD STUFF and most don’t have the stomach for it. Fortunately, there are some adoptive parents out there who are willing to do the hard stuff and think about it and DO something about it but most don’t really ever give it a second thought.

    • 😦 Unfortunately, no. Not until we as a society realize that mothers and babies belong with each other and that we as moral, decent, and God loving people need to do everything we can to prevent the rupture of that relationship.

  1. When I found my mother and we exchanged what we knew about my adoption and I told her about adoptees’ OBCs, she was outraged. As a HUGE fan of Glenn Beck’s, she said “can’t we call him and go on his show? He always wants to fight for the little guy and point out injustice.”

    “No, mom” I said. “He is an adoptive parent”

    I literally heard her heart sink through the phone.

    • *sigh* It is so strange…every time I watch or listen to him now and he starts in with the whole, “The TRUTH LIVES HERE!!!” spiel, I am like, “Yeah buddy…except at your own dinner table.” Then I have to turn it off and walk away.

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