A Letter I Wish I’d Gotten

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

I came across this letter this morning, written by Coco over at “Grown in My Heart.” It comes too late for us, but maybe it will reach some mother who might be considering making an adoption plan irrevocable mistake because she has been convinced by her culture and religious leaders that she will never be a good enough mother to her child.


Much love,



2 thoughts on “A Letter I Wish I’d Gotten

  1. I’d sure like to know where this webpage has gone to. I too shard this and it is by far the post that I get the most hits on..that tells me there is a need for Coco’s words to be read!

    • I noticed the link was broken a week or so ago – do you have any way of tracking Coco down? That letter is so terribly important – I would love to include it here in its entirety if possible.


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