Slice o’ Life

I have been thinking a lot these past couples days – I know, I do a tremendous amount of thinking and sometimes it gets me into trouble. Hopefully this time it won’t. Recently I have been thinking that I should take the time to tell you more about me, my family, your siblings – you know, slice of life kinds of things outside of the very narrow view this blog typically affords.

So today, I will start with your little sister.

This is little Princess P. She is 16 months old and let me just say, she is hilarious. H to the I to the L to the -arious. Her sense of humor reminds me so much of her Grandma Penny in so many ways (man, I LOVE my MIL!!! I hit the in-law jackpot with her). A parent can only hope and pray to have a child as delightful and loving as little Princess P. Even when she has four molars coming in all at the same time, she is determined to be cheerful and sweet.

The brothers are ga-ga for her. They *adore* her “dolphin noises” and the way she crawls into their laps for a snuggle.  Last night, she was a bit restless. I could hear her over the baby monitor carrying on. After about 20 minutes of jibber-jabber ya-ya-ing, I heard Captain Knuckle go into her room, pick her up and coo to her in his 14-year old man voice. It was absolutely precious. She is equally enamored with them. When the Professor gets up in the morning, she runs as fast as her chubby legs can move and throws herself at him in an embrace, squealing with joy the entire time. She does the same when Captain Knuckle gets home from school. I love it. It makes my heart sing to see them so happy with each other.

Naturally, Mr. Amazing Man is smitten by her. He spends about 75% of his waking at-home time telling me how cute she is and how much fun she is to play with. And he is so right. We are both amazed by this little creature and the absolute joy that trails after her wherever she goes.

I try not to think about all I have missed with you, but sometimes it creeps in, especially in the mornings when she is snuggled into bed with me. I hope you had a mother who delighted in you and took every chance possible to scoop you into her arms, nuzzle your neck and whisper how much she loves you into your ear.  That’s what I did when you were with me – my prayer is that it continued with your adoptive mother, too. And maybe someday you will get to meet your little sister and she will run and launch herself into your arms, giggling and squealing with delight the entire time.


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