Dear Person Who Found this Blog By Searching for “pro-adoption scripture”

Dear Person Who Found this Blog By Searching for “pro-adoption scripture” –

There are none.

At least not if one is looking for scriptural justification to take another woman’s child, lie about that child’s parentage on a falsified birth certificate, and then raise that child as their own. Ain’t. Gonna. Find. It.

Don’t believe me? Go read this forthcoming article by David M. Smolin, Professor of Law titled “Of Orphans And Adoption, Parents And The Poor, Exploitation And Rescue:  A Scriptural And Theological Critique Of The Evangelical Christian Adoption And Orphan Care Movement.” It will be published in the Regent International Law Review, Vol. 8, No. 2, in Spring 2012. Full document can be downloaded from this link as well : adoption.christian.regent.smolindraft1.2.12-1.

He makes so many cogent points in this article, but there are two that have really stuck with me since I first read the article. The first one is about Joseph and his treatment of a young unwed mother.

“…what Joseph did in helping an otherwise “single mother” to keep and raise her own child was consistent with the ministries of Jesus and Elijah in assisting single women and their children in staying together. Honoring the “birth” mother—honoring the motherhood of Mary—is exactly contrary to the kinds of adoptions advocated by the modern Christian adoption movement, which typically takes children from living mothers and gives them to non-related people as their adoptive children.  If Joseph had acted in a way typical of the Christian adoption movement, Mary would have lost Jesus at birth.” (Emphasis mine).

The next deals with “pro-adoption” scriptures in the New Testament.

“Despite the claims of the Christian adoption and orphan care movement of a fundamental New Testament call to horizontal adoption—and specifically to the adoption of orphan children—-the New Testament does not record a single such event.  If Jesus and the apostles were calling the New Testament church to practice horizontal adoption of orphans, it seems to have escaped the notice of the writers of the New Testament entirely.   Despite clear New Testament admonishments to assist the poor and widows, and despite a clear New Testament record of the early church in fact engaging in organized efforts to assist the poor and widows, there is no parallel New Testament record of anyone being urged to adopt an orphan, or of anyone doing so….Hence, we have the mysterious gap of a Bible supposedly urging horizontal adoption as a fundamental practice of the church, without any Biblical record of anyone actually encouraging Christians to adopt, and without any record of Christians actually adopting orphan children. “ (Emphasis mine).

So put on your pointy-headed thinking cap, pull out a red pencil and go read Smolin’s article and then get back with me about “pro-adoption scriptures.”





5 thoughts on “Dear Person Who Found this Blog By Searching for “pro-adoption scripture”

  1. Actually, you are wrong. The whole gentile (pagan, heathen) nation that comes to YHVH via Messiah, is done through the ‘adoption’. See Romans 8:15, Romans 8:23, Romans 9:4, Gal 5:4 and Ephesians 1:5.

    Moreover, the Old Testament, adoption is taught as complete and total in the story of Samuel, the child conceived by Hannah after she hopelessly pleaded with YHVH on her face in the temple for a child, promising to return him if her petition was granted.

    She had Samuel and when he was weaned she presented him to the priest Eli who raised him as his own. When Eli died it was Samuel, not Eli’s blood children who inherited his position.

    This is stunning as at that time in the old testament the jewish priesthood was STRICTLY passed down only to the blood children of the priests. Eli’s own children were allowed to die due to their tragic disobedience and disrespect to YHVH and his laws.

    The adoption of Samuel by Eli was portrayed as being complete and total, even over-riding the lack of blood bonds. This is important as it undergirds the NT Scripture i posted above.

    Having said the above, please understand that I am a birth/first mom of a 31 year old adoptee. If i had understood the implications of what i was doing, the harm it would do him, I would have found another way.

    I am not a proponent of adoption any longer except under conditions that i have yet to define clearly.

    I haven’t read the paper above and i don’t know if i will.

    • Wade –

      If you took the time to read the paper, you would see why I disagree with everything you have written. It really is worth the read and I would highly recommend you actually read it before quoting the scriptures which you quote as Smolin completely dismantles the modern Christian argument for adoption (an argument which relies heavily on those very scriptures).



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