A Letter for My Dear Friend B.

My Dearest, Dearest B:

I know you read that letter to Ms. Feverfew about October Baby. I can only imagine it cut you to the quick and I am sorry for that. You are such a precious person in my life and I hurt to think my words may have made you hurt.

Oh how I love you. I pray you understand I do not judge you in any way, nor do I judge anyone else who made the same decision you did those many years ago. Prior to losing my daughter to adoption, I don’t think I could have said such a thing. Having lived for the last two decades as a first mother….well, life is funny. It has a way of knocking all the rough and sorry edges off a person and now I understand why a woman would chose that path. I truly understand.

Please know I think you are one of the most phenomenal women I have ever known. I feel so honored and blessed to count you among those I hold most dear. Your drive to excel and overcome the challenges in your life are an inspiration to all around you. You are a magnificent mother to your little one and a joy to all who are fortunate enough to know you.

I know your heart hurts and and you long for peace. If I were there with you now, I would wrap my arms around you and hold you close and tell you everything will work out as it should. Because it will. God has promised that to you and me and God never fails.

Much love and belief in all of your dreams –


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