7 thoughts on “Saints and Sinners

  1. It’s really thrown me for a loop tonight, Michelle. Just when I think I am “healed” or at least in a “healed” place in my life. . . bam, along comes another body blow.

  2. Honestly, I wouldn’t give this abuse any further publicity. It says far more about the speaker, and her type, than it ever could about the living, breathing, feeling, complex human beings she is referring to. Such petty, poisonous oozings of a very shrunken-hearted person are fanned and given power by being shared, while our own dignity and complex inner landscapes are needlessly shaken by such inhumane cruelty. We have been strong to withstand all that we have and do. Isn’t it a little self-abusive to read, repeat and share such nastiness among our already-hurting selves?

    • Nope. The truth about how some think and talk about birth mothers needs to be shared. Exposing them for exactly what they are, while painful, also educates the public about the reality of life after relinquishment.

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