23andMe and You

Dear Ms. Feverfew¬† –

I had my DNA tested through 23andMe.com. The results are in and they are fascinating. They confirm many things I already knew about myself and some surprising things I had no idea about. My mom is going to have her’s tested, too. That way I can determine, from the process of elimination, which genes I got from her and which came from my natural father.

My whole point in writing this letter is to let you know should you ever want to have your DNA tested, I would be willing to pay for the testing, as well as share my results with you. Your results, coupled with mine, would reveal what genes come from your natural father. Perhaps it might give you a better chance at finding him, should you ever decide the time is right. With his name and DNA profile, the odds are very much in your favor of finding him.

I am sorry I lost track of him over the years. Adoption professionals and ecclesiastical leaders told me (and I believed) your natural father didn’t really matter. After all, he would just “get in the way.” I am sorry I didn’t realize he might matter to you, that he might not get in¬†your way, even if he didn’t matter to the adoption industry and got in the way of their plans. Perhaps sharing my DNA results with you is one way I can make amends for being too trusting of a powerful multi-billion dollar industry.

Much love,